Sunday, August 15, 2010

new york, new yorrrkkk

I give up on beauty blogging. Too many products. Too many techniques. And who wants to see my face all the time? Haha.

In other news, I am going to NYC in less than a day! I haven't been since high school. I am so excited to go to museums and take pictures like a tourist. I am so jealous of friends that have a good eye for photography. All my pictures end up looking the same, because I have no pose other than the standard Anh-hand-on-hip pose and smiling until my Hamtaro cheeks explode.

Ever since this conversion back into a regular blog, I am bursting with things to record. I had a pretty amazing weekend. I went to V Lounge on Friday after Saint & Sinners with Kevin, Steph and Jung Ho. We originally planned to go to The Room in Santa Monica, but for some reason that place is really popular now. Steph and J stood in line and then gave up. We went to our old standby, V Lounge.

How cute are they, all dressed in gray!

Getty Villa on Saturday. I'm still waiting to see pics that Jess posts, so here's the only shot with all four of us.


I was a little apprehensive since none of them knew the others, but it worked out fine.

Today, I was itching for a run. I timed myself for the first time since high school. My mile time was 8:46, which is way better than anything I did in high school. The clock forced me to run faster than I usually do. After the initial mile, I decided to do 3 more, which was a bad idea. I started feeling nauseous after mile 2 and recalled my friend telling me that he ran until he threw up. 0.0 Thankfully, I made it without throwing up, but that was a terrible, terrible feeling. That's it for now, but I'll definitely be updating while on the NY trip.