Friday, March 4, 2011


I haven't anything great to talk about lately, so I've been letting the blog go idle. Here are some Vegas pictures for people who are not FB friends with me.

This was in front of Marquee/ kind of close to Chandelier. I loved Chandelier! It was so gorgeous inside and they had this S'more themed drink that came with roasted marshmallows! Mmm.

Most of the girls.

All of the girls at Tryst on Night 2.

In front of this awesome waterfall. It was also sprinkling outside!

I was really lucky go to with a friend of a friend who had a comped room and a free rental car! We had a pretty large group, but everyone kind of did their own thing. The gamblers, the couples, and the shoppers. I went to the huge F21 at Fashion Show and got my first pair of jeggings. I have been wearing the heck out of them. They have the streamline structure of jeans (leggings make me look a bit bulky) and the comfort of leggings.

To wind down on our last day, Jannette and I went to Jean Phillippe in the Bellagio and got desserts. We had a nice talk over coffee and I ended my weekend with something sweet. (Rose macaron, pictured below.)