Friday, September 9, 2011

it's tough out there

I'm in the twilight zone--awaiting bar results.

I turned down one tutoring job after being in the learning center for 2 hours. It was that hectic. Still trying to get paid for those hours of tutoring I did. I might have to call it a loss if I can't get a fee waiver for Small Claims court. $35 to file a claim for $50. Doesn't sound so smart, does it?

My friend got me a job at a market research facility where I am a glorified housekeeper. I make sure the rooms are stocked with cookies, coffee and water. I clean up after the clients leave. The facility is 5-10 minutes from my apartment. There's plenty of downtime when the focus groups are in session. I can work at night after the pro se clinic. By day, I'm someone and by night, I'm just a nameless girl in all black that appears silently to fill important people's water cups. It keeps me humble.

The market research "hostess" job makes me think about how I see mostly young women as admin assistants or office housekeepers. At this job, I have to empty the dishwasher, wipe down kitchen counters, and keep things tidy and well-stocked. It's domestic work, but in the public sphere. Is that why you rarely see men as admin assistants?

More job musings to come.