Monday, February 4, 2013

From around the interwebs

A description of women at a speeding dating event by a blogger: 
The other girls looked like the Asian female students you saw in your high school hallway carrying a stack of books walking with their head down with glasses; but now that they’ve somewhat grown into their boyish figures and have a career, they’ve built a confidence that is too good for what they can offer. 
  Why the semicolon? Also, I'd rather be one of the confident career women than someone hoping for a tip from them. Justsayin. I can't tell if she's describing arrogance or if it's just a bunch of sour grapes from the local bartender/actress wannabe.

XXX is an undergraduate Biology/Pre-Med student and Biology Teaching Assistant attending the University of La Verne. XXX also works for AHMC Health Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the health and wellness of those underserved. There is not just one word to describe XXX. Barely turning 21, she has accomplished much more than many of those at her age. XXX has been involved in Speech and Debate for seven years, using her unique sense of humor to advocate and inspire others to be better on a local and national scale.
My friend wants to give this girl the benefit of doubt and is assuming that her bio consists of a copy/paste job of the topic sentence of every paragraph of her personal essay. I want to believe that too, but somehow, I don't think that's what happened here. It seems a bit boastful to say that "she has accomplished much more than many of those at her age" when all she's done is go to a no-name school in the middle of nowhere while volunteering at a nonprofit. Is her myopic gaze limited to her own reflection? Surely every single student at a reputable university has accomplished more than this lady. I am not even going to touch the phrase "There is not just one word to describe XXX." Few people can be described by one word.

Following college, XXX graduated from Southwestern Law School's prestigious 2-year accelerated SCALE J.D. Honors program in May 2012. 
I guess prestige is relative? Either that or she doesn't know what prestigious means.