Saturday, December 11, 2010

fashion craving: chain bags

I might as well not post my fashion cravings, because I never get them. I wanted some chain necklaces a year ago and didn't jump on the trend. Now they are gone, GONE. Well, I'm told by ladymags that these bags are "classic," so hopefully I can get on board before they depart with the incoming season of bags.

Cross-body, chain detailing, structured with a cute little lock. These are my favorite looks at the moment. Scroll over for brand detail.

At home exercises

I am one of those people who work out regularly. I have nothing to show for it really, but I like the feeling of exercising. So I've been cooped inside my apartment all day, freaked out about finals (yet I still find ways to waste time online). I've been craving some exercise and decided to try out these moves from Women's Health. They actually got my heart beating faster. Women's Health recommends 12-16 reps per move for all 4 moves. 2-3 circuits of all 4 moves. I've scanned them. (Click the thumbnails.) So if you don't have time to go to the gym, I recommend doing a short circuit at home.