Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My friend hosted a party at her apartment and made everyone dress up. I think Kevin and I did dress pretty nicely.

 We didn't have time to make anything for the potluck, so Kevin and I brought 50 pieces of McDonald's chicken nuggets. I took all the nuggets out of the boxes and stuck toothpicks in them. I grabbed pieces of lettuce out of a nearby salad and garnished the "breaded chicken." I made everyone refer to them as "breaded chicken" the whole night. Wish I had taken a picture.
“You yourself are read in so many different ways by people and you cannot control what they see. All you can do is know your intentions are good, you are good and loving, and they are probably trying their hardest to overcome a hurdle in their life. Be open, aware, and positive, and hope for the best."