Friday, April 13, 2012

lucky lucky

My mom told me to go to the temple, because the gods are watching out for me.

I almost believe her.

On Wednesday, I was given a little over 24 hours to oppose an MSJ. (That's legalese for big effing project.) I swore up and down that I would quit my job. My office bff and my assistant both told me to stay.

Wednesday evening, I interviewed with the partners of a boutique firm in downtown LA.

Thursday, I went to work after sleeping for 4 hours, finished up the MSJ, and got ready for filing. I sat under my assistant's desk and told him I wanted to just walk out the door and never come back.

I came back to my office and saw a missed call. I called back immediately. One of the partners at the boutique said, "We'd love to have you join us." My heart raced. "Yes, I'd love to come," I said calmly.

More money. Better firm. Closer to home.

Thank the gods.