Monday, April 2, 2012

Invisalign, Tray 1

New teeth and new nose were always on the top of my "to fix" list. I've grown to accept and like my nose. (I've also learned to fear rhinoplasty after all these surgery makeover shows.) Teeth? Those can still be fixed.

I finally have a job. I finally have a little bit of money to spare. I promised myself in undergrad that as soon as I make money, I am going to fix my teeth. Now or never, I told myself in February. I made an appointment and the dentist molded my teeth that day. About 5 weeks later, I got my first tray.

The trays were not as bulky as I thought and did not irritate my teeth or gums. There's a persistent soreness, similar to an itch that won't go away. I've had them on for three days now, and the first day was the worst. I am tempted to take them off, but I also don't want to screw myself out of $$$. Since it's my own money, I'm a lot more diligent about sticking to the treatment plan.

Another annoying thing is how often I have to brush and floss! I eat more than 5 times a day, and I can't do that anymore, since I have to take out the aligners, brush my teeth and brush the aligners every time! Whatever, it's like being on an 8 month forced diet and I won't have buck teeth at the end!

I did some research beforehand and knew that taking the aligners off was not an easy task. They are really stuck on to my teeth and I definitely didn't want to break them. My dentist told me that I would have to wear the broken pieces until my next set came! I followed the instructions the dentist gave me, which was to remove them from the inside and push the aligner out toward my cheek until they popped off. It hurts to take them off. The pain is bearable, but it's enough to make me think twice about taking them off to eat.

My crooked teeth (ignore my crappy skin):
The trays are not noticeable, and most people don't notice that I even have them on, unless they look at me closely.

These guys are pretty weird. They look like little fangs growing out of my teeth. I have attachments on both sides. It didn't hurt to get them on. I have to get my teeth trimmed at my next appointment, so I'll blog about that when it happens.