Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gold diggers

Yves and I have been talking for some time about starting a blog called, "You are entitled to OUR opinion" where we just rant. Although, I should be studying for the bar, I do want to do a quick rant before I forget.

I think it's hilarious when guys my age (mid-20s) or even younger think that they need to watch out for gold diggers. Fool, no one is after a dude that is pulling in 50K minus student loans (if he is even employed in this economic climate). I had a guy friend in his early 20s tell me that he didn't want to pay for dates too often, because he didn't want to attract gold diggers.

Reality check. You are a 22 (23?) years old, still in college and work at restaurant on the weekends. No gold digger worth her silicone implants is going after that. Your $500 savings account and Grandma's government bonds are safe, sweetie.

Am I taking crazy pills? Are guys just flattering themselves? Alright, guys, you make decent money. You want to establish an equal partnership early on. You want to be fair. This is all pretty normal. You don't have to pay for every date. It's totally legit to accept when she offers to foot half the bill. It's okay to not invite a girl out again if she is not pulling her weight. It's 21st century dating. There's no need to frame your modern day sensibilities in this outdated trope, especially when you're still young and haven't developed your career. It's a joke to think that girls are after you for your money. Unless you are Mark Zuckerberg or sitting on a mighty big trust fund, you don't have to watch out for gold diggers. Trust.