Monday, January 14, 2013

That Time I Threw a Birthday Party Two Months Later

Over Hello Kitty brunch, I agreed to throw a birthday party two months after my actual birthday. I made my guests bring the food, make decorations, and serve each other. Thanks Josh for being such a gracious host. 

I made cupcakes using yogurt as a substitute for oil and eggs, per Pinterest board suggestions. This was a total mistake, as the cupcakes were disgusting, and the four people who ate them described them as "like cornbread" and "the best part was the frosting."

Good thing everyone else brought food and Anne bought me a book on how to make macarons, which is probably helpful for the next party in which I will try to make the macarons healthy, and probably inedible. 

I then held a snowflake making a contest and everyone failed except for Cathy, because no one read the link that I posted. (No one reads after the first couple of lines where it says "see more." Next year, the theme of my party will be, "Wear fucking red, people."- Raymond

When it was time to bring out the cake, I had no candles except a 1 and a 5 from a birthday long past. My friends collaboratively Macgyver'ed the correct numbers out of the 1 and 5. We held the pieces together with frosting, because what I thought was glitter glue from Kevin's craft box was just glitter paint. At this point, they asked if I had a lighter and of course, I did not. We burned some chopsticks ("I have enough wood to last the rest of the night."- Shawn, Whole group: that's what he said.) and lit my candles. 

At this point, I had no more clean plates and we served the cake in cups. Finally, cup cakes that people will actually eat.