Saturday, February 18, 2012

conversation with Yves about love

I guess to understand the context, you would have to understand us. We're snarky. We're cynical. We're lawyers. 

Yves: I don't even know what being in a relationship feels like anymore.
Me: Good. It's dumb. Infatuation is the best stage.
Yves: What about true love, Anh? (She said this ironically, not really meaning it.)
Me: I don't believe in true love, never have, never will. 
Yves: But you've been in love?
Me: Yes.
Yves: What does that mean, true love?
Me: What DOES that mean? If it means just one love, then no, I don't buy that. I think Mindy Kaling described it pretty well in her book. She says people treat love like a noun when it should be a verb. It's not something you find; it's something you do. Conceptually, I like that. I love Kevin. I think Kevin is worthy and deserving of my love, even if he's not the perfect guy.