Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear Nobody

    Don't tell me that you need to start dating or that you'll never find the one. Don't tell me that you want to go into recluse as I sit across from you. I get it, you are the only one who has ever experienced the vicissitudes of love. Heartbreaks only happen to you. You are deep, contemplative and sensitive. Yet you are also strong, tough, and don't need a girl in your life--except for when you reach for me in the middle of the night, an urge you don't need to explain. You detail your problems and wait for me to sympathize. You want me in your life but you can't make the big leap, because in your mind, you have so much to deal with. I've met you a dozen times and you always have a different name, but I know that you're him. I know your story before you even tell me. I'm impassive to your troubles because they have nothing to do with me. You want me to pursue you so you have a safe landing should you fall.

And you say I'm heartless.