Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cavewoman Costume- How To

I started taking pictures of the process and realize that I didn't know how to make a cave woman costume. It's very ad hoc; I fitted things to my body and adjusted it until it fit. I just decided to do a really brief how-to since I took all those pictures anyway.

The top is a modified halter top and the bottom is just one big piece of fabric that I wrapped around my waist.

Step 1: selecting the materials

1) 1 yard of fabric. I find it easiest to work with knits or jersey. They're stretchy so you don't have to be exact with the cut.
2) scissors
3) fabric glue or iron-on fabric tape
4) needle and thread
5) SAFETY PINS- can't stress this enough


This is one yard of fabric. ($5 at Michael Levine downtown)

Step 2: creating the pattern

I used an old halter top to create a pattern.


I folded the halter top in half and used a sharpie to draw the pattern on the piece of fabric that I folded in half.



I didn't follow the butterfly shape of the halter top because I didn't want it to split at the bottom. I also cut out an extra piece of fabric for the back of the halter top.

Step 3: Assembling the pieces


The piece of fabric to the left is the back of the top ("back") and the piece of the fabric to the right is the front of the top ("front").

I sewed point A of the back to point A of the front, and point B-back to point B-front. Then I cut the back in half along the dotted line.

Step 4: Modifying to fit

I tied the top of the front around my neck and the back around my waist, like you would with a normal halter top. I used small pieces of fabric to make straps on the front of the halter top. The horizontal lines on the the front indicate where I've modified the straps (you'll see what I mean in the next picture).

I had an old bra, so I actually glued the shirt to the front of the bra to make sure it doesn't move. This isn't necessary. I also added a seashell necklace as a belt.

Final touch, use fabric tape to tape down the frayed edges of the costume. Also, fold the back pieces in half and glue it, so when you tie the halter top around your waist, the white parts of the fabric don't show.

Happy Halloween!


  1. VERY NICE... I like how you guys matched. It's so cute.

    Did I mention I like your bone. Now what are you going to do with a plastic bone?

  2. Haha pretty creative! I made myself a mulan costume one year, but I used hot glue gun and fabric :|