Thursday, November 19, 2009


This morning, I dragged myself out of bed and zoned my way through Bus Orgs. I went to work, settled myself in my routine and called my mom to wish her a happy birthday.

There was a time when I thought of her first and my mom's birthday second. My old roommate reminded me that it's been five years to the date today. When she died, everyone that loved her felt it. More than a tragedy, a suicide leaves behind all these unraveled pieces. All my best friends are my best friends because we were together that night and were together in the days that followed. We had a one year memorial. Then the year after that, another one. I can't remember where I was the year after that or the year after and now, today was a day just like any other. I was startled by how quickly those wounds sewed themselves back up.

I wonder if anyone else remembers. We've all come so far from a group of college sophomores, bewildered and bereaved.

Don't hesitate to show anyone you appreciate them. You never know when you'll have to say goodbye.

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