Thursday, November 5, 2009

Daily injustices (things that suck)

1) Best Buy's Insurance Policy

I bought one for my laptop. The spacebar key feels weird. I came in and asked them order me a new one. The Geek Squad guy told me they would have to send it into the service center. Estimated wait time for them to get it back to me? 2-4 weeks. 2-4 weeks?? Without my laptop??? Do they want to take my right arm too? Never. I asked if I could just take it there myself, have them look at it and order a replacement part for me. The answer was no. There was no way for it to be done any faster. I don't understand how HP can do my repairs and mail it back to me within 2-3 days but Best Buy needs 2-4 weeks. They suck.

2) The lady at the DMV

I went to take a new picture since my license expires next week. I made an appointment, barely had to wait, and so excited to finally take a good picture. I headed over to the picture taking area. There was no one else there. The lady motioned for me to come forward. I stood in front of the screen and started smoothing down my hair. SNAP. FLASH. What. The. She didn't even wait for me. What is the rush?? She sucks.

This was a shorter list than I expected. I guess not that many things suck.


  1. I don't know yet! I'll see w/in 60 days.

  2. Restaurants that charge you for iced water: they suck, too. '~'

  3. even worse, restaurants that charge you for rice! ugh.