Sunday, November 29, 2009

itchy fingers

I got a bunch of make up for my birthday (and just because). I've been itching to post some hauls and looks, but I can't! Stupid finals. I resorted to taking a webcam picture at Corner Bakery wearing NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Damned just to quell the craving. I cannot wait until all this is over.

Love life is still nil. I'm okay with that, but sometimes, someone will snap a picture like this and it'll remind me of how I miss being part of a couple.

From the other diary:

Giving in and holding out. Near misses and sudden collisions. Love doesn't come when you want it to. It's always a huge accident. How do I shake this feeling that it always comes so close and then zooms right by with me on the sidelines.

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  1. I love that color on you! You pull it off so well!