Tuesday, September 14, 2010

psychic reading

I was in Sephora today when this lady came up to me and told me she noticed my presence (aura?). She said, "You seem happy and smiling on the outside, but there is a sadness inside you. I want you to call me and we can discuss this." She handed me her card.
I shook my head. Nope. Nothing that I can think of.
"Yes, there is a man. An American man." Well, considering that I live in the United States, just about every man I meet would be an American man. I looked at her to continue. "He is a man that you want, but you cannot have. There is a sadness in your love life."
"Nope, my love life is just fine," I assured her. "I am dating someone and I am very happy."
"What is he?"
"No, this man is an American man."
"Oh, you mean a white person. Nope, I prefer to date other Asians."
"Then he is mixed, maybe not all American."
I shook my head again. Then I started asking her questions. I asked her when she decided to start a business. She said she was not in business. "Then why did you give me your card? You have a business card."
"Well, people have to know where to find me, how to find me."
"Yes, but you charge for your services."
"No, I don't have a business. I run this out of my home. I have two children."

I asked her when she decided to become a psychic. She said she didn't choose, but she knew at the age of 6 she's psychic. I asked when she decided to become one as a profession. She repeated that she is not in business. I said, "Well I assume you went to school. So at some point, you were considering a traditional career path. What happened at the junction that made you choose this?"
"What do you mean traditional?"
"You know, like a subject you can major in, a job that people typically have."
She didn't have an answer and said to call the number and we can talk about it. I said, "No! I don't want to know about my life. I'm interested in your career."
"Look it up on the internet," she said and walked away from me. haha, I love badgering people.

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