Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I hate everyone

Too harsh? Maybe not when you hear what I have to say. (Okay, probably too harsh.)

I've been reading the various blogs comprising the Occupy movement: "We are the 99%", "We stand with the 99%" and now the backlash blog "We are the 53%."

I was hoping that last one would be a moderate blog. It wasn't. I think they are all dumb. I'm not going to bother ranking them by degree of dumbness.

We stand with the 99%.
You people are rich. Crazy rich. Inherited-$3M-when-you-were-20 rich. I think it's senseless for you people to hold up signs saying "Tax me more" when your money is freely expendable. Here's an idea, instead of waiting for the government to tear that money from your iron-grip, maybe you should give it away. You can give it to organization, shelters, make friends with some of the 99% and pay off their loans. Use your money to buy some professional lobbyists to demand a fundamental change in the system. Making a blog telling the government to tax you more is the most superficial thing you can do in support of this movement. I hate you.

We are the 53%.
You guys are hardworking. You guys are proud. You don't accept assistance. That's great, but you don't need to criticize people who want to enjoy some of the wealth that they helped create. You and the 99% are two-sides of the same coin. You're in the same sucky boat and you are getting way less than what you deserve. If you are okay with that, fine, but don't criticize the same people who work just as hard as you, but realize that resources are unequally distributed. I kind of hate you.

We are the 99%.
You guys are just misinformed. Don't talk about how you can't afford to file bankruptcy. There are free clinics that will walk you through it and it's not hard when you don't have very many assets. Student loans are a bummer, but there has always been scholarships and financial aid for the needy. You were supposed to look for them. For all of you who took out loans in 2008 or later, that shit is going to get forgiven in 25 years if you stick to the IBR or ICR repayment plans. It's hard not to get the health care you need, but if you're really at the poverty level, there's state paid for health care programs such as MediCal, Healthy Families, and other health care plans for the low-income. There are social workers, people whose job is to help you find these programs. Go to your nearest Social Security Administration office and see what's up. Chances are your resources haven't been exhausted, and you're already crying. I hate you.

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