Thursday, October 20, 2011

unemployment chronicles

My friend wants to start a blog called "The Art of Poor" and I suggested "Song of Paupers."

I interviewed for a litigation secretary job on Tuesday. I took the JD off my resume just to make sure I got the interview. At the interview, I told the partner that I actually had a JD and showed him my legal resume. He was impressed, really impressed. He seemed certain that I was going to get a ton of offers once bar results come in.

Has he seen the ABA Journal entries lately? Or Above the Law? I was tempted to ask him to send his resume out in this economic climate and see what kind of offer he gets. Discount it by a huge increment and he'll see how much people are willing to pay for newbie associates. The pay he was offering for the litigation secretary position felt like a million dollars to me. I stayed dignified and kept parroting what I hope were the right things. He said he would have to talk to his partners about me. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In better news, my friend told me that a project director spot opened up at my night job, and the facility director wants me to fill the spot. Of course, they are worried that they will train me and once bar results come out, I'm going to peace the heck out. (Why is everyone so certain that I will a) pass the bar and b) make a ton of money once I do?) I went through another round of telling her I won't leave, so the spot is mine. Pays a little more than 1 1/2 times the glorified housekeeper job. Wheeeee!

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