Monday, November 28, 2011

cute but deadly

Photobucket I was told that a man had this gun custom painted for his wife. Note how some artist, not satisfied with painting Hello Kitty, decided to paint Hello Kitty with an assault rifle.


  1. Hi! Yeah, I got my Chanel studs from South Coast Plaza. Pretty much, I lost 3 stones after wearing them for a month, took them in to get them replaced, got new ones, and after wearing them TWICE... another one fell off. I went back to the store, and some girl was so rude and said, "sorry, we have a 14 day return policy." and I told her about my situation, and shes like, "maybe we could make it an exception if you had it for, like, two months or something, but other than that, sorry." so then i replied, "I've only had it for 2 months..." and she goes, "oh... sorry, well it's still only 14 day return policy." so ridiculous! so then i asked her if there was some repair number i can call, and her response is, "you can give it to us and we can send it in for repair for you... but let me give you their number so you can do it yourself." .......... i love these earrings, but chanel gives the worst service! you would think they treat you better, right? so anyways, i ended up getting them fixed for $5 a stone haha and now i barely even touch my earrings in fear that they will fall out again

  2. I like that gun! It looks like a toy.