Saturday, December 10, 2011

coffee and cardigans

I went downtown all day to research for this case I'm working on. Stopped in at Tom N Tom's coffee on the way home, because it was right by the purple line on Wilshire and Western (where I parked my car). It looked like a nice study spot. Very spacious, free wi-fi, nice leather seats and brick toast! The downside is that their latte is pretty small and expensive. Not worth it if you're going to grab a cup of coffee and go.


Yesterday, I went to CAbi warehouse sale. I got 3 tops for $5 each. Their clothes skew a little bit old, but their fall collection had some youngish looking sweaters. (Not pictured is a gray V-neck I am currently wearing.)


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  1. That caramel bread looks so good! & i love that blue sweater.