Saturday, February 4, 2012

The nice thing about working is that you can spend your Saturday sleeping and not really care.

Last week, Kevin's unit graciously sent me a care package although he's the one that's deploying. They filled it with books on job search and coping with deployment. (Not going to lie, I was disappointed that nothing in that package was edible. I thought care package meant cookies??) Kevin told me no one screened the books and some of the spouses received weight loss books! Subsequently, he husbands got an earful when the packages arrived.

My week has been going pretty fast since I started working. I found out the other day that my assistant went to Yale for undergrad. I silently wondered if maybe I should have been assisting him. Isn't that the way these things are supposed to work?

I know most people would think, so what someone went to Yale. George W. Bush went to Yale! The  school prestige must be an Asian thing. I watched an interview with Kevin Lee (that weirdo designer from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and he kept talking about how Conan went to Harvard even though that was not the topic of the interview. On that note, I'll leave you a link below to a ridiculous Kevin Lee interview.

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