Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Invisalign, Tray 3

I put on my new tray at night and slept through much of the soreness. I wore the tray on as much as possible the first week, so this week hasn't been so bad.

I started to work out a little planned laziness system with the trays. During the first week, I'll be super careful and brush as much as I can. Then toward the end of the second week, I'll be a little more lax and just rinse in between beverages, since I know I'll have a new tray soon. I also keep my meals to a minimum during the first week of the new tray, because it is annoyingly sore every time I remove them. The longer I wear them, the easier the second week will be.

I forgot my hygiene bag for the first time yesterday. I bought a new kit and am keeping that in my office. Not brushing isn't really an option, since I am extremely worried that my mouth will smell bad. I also kind of miss chewing gum. These are my observations thus far. 

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