Monday, June 18, 2012

Foie gras ban

I've never thought much about foie gras. I've had pate. I think I get the gist of foie gras. Then came the ban. Once a temporal limit was imposed, I became a foie gras fiend.

First stop, foie gras and jelly donut at Umamicatessen.

This was my first exposure to foie gras, and it was lovely. Creamy mousse in the middle of a toasty donut. The jelly didn't add or detract for the donut. I would have been okay with it.

Tonight, I had foie gras as an appetizer at The Little Next Door. My friends and I were disappointed as we expected a chunk of the organ. We got a chunk of what looked like pate. It was much more buttery than pate and not bad, but I still long for a slice of the actual seared organ.

Tomorrow, I have reservations at Animal for their Loco Moco. This is the most foie gras I've ever had in my life. Going out with a bang. 

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