Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy holidays

I start and re-start posts and everything sounds so banal to me that I end up hitting delete.

Yesterday, my friends gave me Christmas cards that made me laugh so hard that I cried. I was at Souplantation with mascara streaming down my face. I took out a stack of blank cards today and started writing cards. It felt a little bit like sitting with a stack of yearbooks in high school and reflecting on the past year. 

Higher education ruined me. I was always studying around this time. By the time finals were over, it was mid-December and too late for me to get into the holiday spirit, so I just decided to forgo the hullabaloo and toss a couple of gift cards into my purse. 

I'm trying to get better. I'm trying to revive the holiday cheer, because those cards meant something to me. Little tokens of appreciation, little bits of holiday cheer meant something. I'm not going to overthink it anymore. I will start enjoying the holiday season again, especially since I'm not going to be preoccupied with finals anymore, and no one ever sets a trial for Christmas. (knock on wood)

Ending with some gratuitous pictures. 

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