Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday morning role plays

I am in a mediation clinic and part of our class is mock mediations. Every week we rotate. I've been mediator once. I've been crazy lady all the other times.

Last Friday, I defended a restraining order filed by my neighbor against me. I accused my classmate of stealing my boyfriend. I told her I was going to "kick her ass" and that my daughters would kick her ass too. Yves and I started yelling at each other. Our mediator, poor Azan, asked us to respect each other and respect him.

My professor provided me with some pictures of smashed pottery and graffiti that my character was convinced that Yves's character did. Yves asked, "How do you even know it's me?"
"It's your handwriting," I responded.
"How do you know what my handwriting looks like?" she countered.
"It's on the complaint!!" I threw at the sheets of paper at her. Since my professor created the graffiti and the complaint, the handwriting matched. Our mediation coach suggested to Azan that he should separate us since we were getting out of hand. Azan said, "I think it's good to get the feelings out. Besides, I think my colleagues are having a bit of fun."

This is why I don't mind going to a 9 AM class on Friday mornings.

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  1. I wouldn't mind going to that class either. It sounds like a lot of fun! Awesome blog!