Saturday, May 15, 2010

losing your car keys at a club, not a good look

I've been neglecting the blog, because the last month has been crazy busy. I have been trying to finish up my hours at my externship, get enough volunteer hours for a grant (which I got), and complete my six mediations before the end of the semester. Then I had a final for a class that I showed up to sporadically at best, which meant teaching myself the material in the weeks leading up to the final. But it's all over now.

Last Thursday was our big end of the year party. I was really excited to wear my stripper heels and fake lashes and finally go out. I drove my friend to Mi-6 in West Hollywood, met up with all my other friends. The door person charged us $10 even though we got in at 10:59, but whatever, I was ready to have fun.

The night was going along great until one of my friends decided to mess around with me and take my keys out of my pocket. I'm going admit that I was partially at fault for using a binder clip as a key ring. I had so many keys that it was hard to find a big enough key chain. Knowing this, I tried to grab my keys back from him before any damage can be done. I pointed to him and my friend Alaina tried to help my get my keys back. He started playing keep away from us and swung the key chain over his head. The key ring came loose and my keys scattered everywhere. I dropped to the ground gathering up everything I could find. I put everything back on the clip and realized I was still missing my car keys.

I managed to save my LA Fitness card, my Ralph's club card, my library card, but not my effing car keys! Aghhh. What. the. hell. I dropped to the ground again and crawled around. No car keys. I notified the bouncer. I was concerned, but not yet angry. Of course my car keys were on the ground somewhere.

Around 2:30, after the lights came on and the club had been swept up. NO CAR KEYS. I didn't panic. I didn't cry. I was just so angry. My mind leaped ahead to assess the next several hours. Okay, so I can get home, but will my car be towed from the lot if I leave it overnight? Who is going to wake up early to come with me to get my car before I get a ticket? Do I have a spare at home? It was starting to sound like a 12-hour inconvenience.

My friends and I took a cab to one of our friend's cars and he drove me home. I found the spare key.I woke up at 7 AM Friday morning to look at bus routes to the lot where my car was located. I figured out the route, grabbed my phone and my wallet. Where was my wallet? Oh, yes, it was in my purse, located IN MY CAR. I felt nothing short of murderous rage. My roommate wandered out to the living room. She loaned me $1.25.

At the bus stop, I found that the line I wanted didn't run yet. I would have to walk 1/2 a mile down the street and take another line. I decided then that it was time to wake up Key Waver friend. I told him that he was going to wake up and take me to my car. To his credit, he was very nice and compliant and showed up at my apartment 20 minutes later. My car was still in the lot. I got a ticket, but he's paying for it.

What a freaking night. Losing your keys? Only amusing in a Lady Gaga lyric.

Picture from Night 2, story to follow:

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