Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pre-vacation thoughts

Kevin wants to leave at 4 a.m. I woke up at noon today. Looks like I'm just going to stay up. We're going to SF, in case you're wondering.

I love winter break. Law school ruins our spring break by forcing us to come back and finish up the semester, so it's not really a break. You're still worrying about the semester. Summer isn't a break either. We worry about finding jobs and working. But winter, now there's a time to lie around, text your friends who are home for the holidays, and watch Netflix for hours on end.

Or go to Target.


Owls for my living room.


top from CAbi
skirt from Target
I love lace, but I'm not a fan of the wide black band on top. Oh well, it was $11.


Quilted pattern on the brain. These look less bright in person. I may have to take a daytime pic.


  1. Ohhh yay! You're a law student too! :) Here it's the other way around, winter breaks are so short (barely 15 days!)... but I've done a lot of shopping so far! Hope your holidays are rocking!