Tuesday, December 28, 2010

vacation recap

I've been a techno-klutz for the past week. First, I accidentally knocked Kev's laptop from the hotel chair when I bumped into it with my hip. I thought it would be fine, since I've dropped my laptop more than once and it managed to survive. Wrong. I cracked the screen. The upside to that is he took apart his laptop and frankensteined his keyboard onto my laptop. (My keyboard was missing the 1 key.) So yay for that. We ordered another screen when we got home.

Then, on our way home from the trip, I started clearing out my camera so I can take new pictures on our last day and deleted all our trip pictures. I downloaded a recovery program, but since I took some new pictures, it wrote over the only pictures that I wanted. I consider it Murphy's Law in action. We sought out a giant Xmas tree and a giant heart and those picture were written over. Meanwhile, all the Usher concert pictures remained intact. Well, here's half of what would have been a cute couples picture.

Cool, huh?

Then when I was using a spray adhesive to attach tags to my Xmas gifts, I sprayed too much and covered his phone with adhesive...on the touch screen. O.o But I'm happy to report I've been damage free for 3 days now, and my bf has not dumped me. Yay.

Hrm, what else? The vacation was unremarkable. We went to Union Square, Ferry Building, Japantown, Berkeley and Fisherman's Wharf. We also took a tour of a chocolate factory (Tcho) which was actually started by the guy who started Wired magazine. The next day, I saw his daughter (the tour guide) and him eating outside of the Ferry Building. What a coincidence.

On the chocolate tour, Kevin was an eager beaver, raising his hand to answer and ask questions left and right. I made a comment about it after we left and he said, "I thought they were going to give us chocolate for participating." They didn't. Lame.

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