Monday, January 3, 2011

the NYE post

My friend Shawn told me about a Groupon for an NYE event in OC for $20. Usually NYE events are like $60, so I thought what the heck, how bad can it be? Bad. Murderously bad. For real, someone died at that event! It happened shortly after the party was over, around the time Kev and I were taking our friends to Norm's. My friends rented a hotel room across the street from the event. We went back to change and walked back out to our car. We saw a ton of police cars and some police tape. "Somebody got stabbed," Kev said. Sure enough, I googled the event the next day and 3 people were stabbed!

We should have known something was up when we got to the front of the line and there were absolutely no promoters or security. The event check-in table had been abandoned. Wristbands were all over the ground. Kevin and I picked up a couple and put them on ourselves. There was a mob of people at the Hilton entrance, trying to squeeze pass the doors. We joined the mob and eventually squeezed in. Our tickets were completely worthless.

Once inside, we realized that there was no order to the dance floors. The event was billed as having 7 different dance floors. Yeah, good luck trying to figure out where they were! There were three separate floors with no signs indicating where the dance floors were or whether there was a main dance floor. Throngs of people crowded the hallways. We wandered around trying to find a dance floor for the countdown.

Midnight came and went with no fanfare other than an impromptu countdown by people in the hallway. It wasn't even an event. It was more like conference rooms with music. I will never go to something promoted by Nytehype or Ones We Love ever again. Who the heck effs up an event that badly? Does it cost too much to throw a little confetti around? Is it too much of a burden to hire security to make sure that people don't come into the party with weapons? Ridiculous.

Edited to add one of the few pics I took on NYE.

Bf is standing on his tiptoes, but I am wearing heels, so I guess this is an accurate representation of our height difference.

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  1. SUCH a bummer that the party sucked! Can't believe someone actually got stabbed. You look fab by the way!