Sunday, April 10, 2011

another lost weekend

Every time I drive to Kevin's house, I stay for days just to justify the drive to Rosemead. This weekend, we went looking for my gala dress. It was a bad idea to look at my loans before embarking on this shopping trip. Kevin, predictably, bought more than I did. I settled on this dress, which I am not too pleased with. Yves pointed out that it flattened out my boobs. I agree. My boobs deserve better.

On second look, the poofy dress makes it look like I have a belly. Yep, definitely going to return.

We went to dinner for his dad's bday at this hole in the wall Hawaiian grill by his house. There were fish tanks at every booth. It was kind of like a poor man's Rainforest Cafe, with more live animals.

In case you missed seeing my face, here is my FOTD from going out to Sweet Lady Jane with Yves. 1/2 off pastries after 8:30 PM. Woot.


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