Thursday, April 14, 2011

old haul- shoes and nail polish

I am never home in the middle of the day, so I wanted to take advantage of the natural light and took some of my stuff outside to shoot.

First up, I've been looking for nude heels for ages and finally found a pair over Xmas. Yayyy.



These were thrifted, but I can see that they were made by Y-Not. They are not very comfortable, so you can probably see that I inserted Dr. Scholl ball of foot cushions. They were a life saver with my black heels, but not so much with these.

To add to my nude shoe spree, I got some flats from Old Navy while I was in SF.


Old Navy- $13


Polishes I got from a nail supply store in Garden Grove. OPI polishes were half price!

Beauty Zone
9920 Westminster Ave, Suite B
Garden Grove, CA 92844


These are my first OPI polishes and I don't see what all the fuss is about. They weren't that smooth. They chipped pretty easily and they weren't very pigmented. Overall, I was not that impressed. The China Glaze was pigmented and pretty, but I think the mint green was too light and didn't look pretty against my skin tone.

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