Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fish fail

I went fishing for the first time last Saturday. My brother's friend, Jordan, just bought a boat. No one on that boat knew how to fish. No one knew how to launch a boat. Jordan had never driven a boat. Recipe for fun times.

We went to Huntington Beach early in the morning with sandwiches, coffees and a grill ("just in case we get lucky"- Jordan). Jordan and Greg attempted to launch the boat. They told us there were far more YouTube videos on how not to launch a boat than how to launch a boat. Objective: don't drag the SUV underwater.

Successfully launched the boat. 2 other friends were late/ got lost, so we did donuts around the port waiting for them. OC Sheriff's department asked if we needed assistance.

Went out to sea. Had an anchor but nothing to secure to the anchor. We floated toward the shoreline and had to drive back out every 20-30 minutes. Lifeguard tower warned us we were getting too close to the swim zone.

Docked the boat. They were total noobs at this too and I saw other groups staring at us. After that, we went to "Claws" in Garden Grove. Enjoyed seafood caught and prepared by professionals.

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