Thursday, August 18, 2011


We headed out last Friday night. My cousin generously let us stay in her condo. We went to Encore Beach, Studio B buffet and Marquee. Silly me, I didn't know that there were "hot" clubs in Vegas. I guess those are always the new ones? My friend tells me Studio B and Gallery are the place to be. I felt bad, because Steph and I got comped everywhere and Kevin had to pay. =/ Next time, an estrogen only trip.

Here are the few pictures from my camera.

The girls:

The couples:


Boring posing.

She's giving the camera ferocious tiger.

My instruction: "Give me pensive. You're thoughtful. You're wondering where to put your money now that T-bills have been downgraded."


There's a lot of a dumb pictures of Steph and me dancing which have been omitted.

We left early Sunday morning. I got back and realized I was missing a BBQ. Sad.

I started my first week of work! I got a call from another tutoring place and I was at the courthouse, so I couldn't call them back right away. I'll be persistent this time.

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