Tuesday, August 9, 2011

clubbing clothes idea

Decided to do a quick informative post, since all my posts lately have been life, blah blah. If I haven't been clubbing in awhile, I always look up club clothes to see what the current trends are. I've picked out a couple here. This is by no means an exhaustive list. (I've excluded rompers for no good reason.)

For me, club wear is figure hugging clothes that kind of trails into trashy, but stops right at the dividing line. I'm not writing a post about looking "classy" at a club, because you're there to rub up on drunk dudes. How classy can that be? My rule of thumb is: if enough other women are wearing the same thing, you're not going to stick out.
club ideas

Tube dresses

These are the classic club staple. Drive by a line in Hollywood one night and you'll see these on 50%+ of the women. These are usually short. They may have a straight across tube or sweetheart neckline. I would recommend sticking to solid colors. Prints can look tacky, especially animal prints on stretchy fabric. I like the ones with ruching on the sides. The tiny folds due to the ruching will hide any dinner bumps on your belly. I prefer these styles to just straight up cotton, which is not very forgiving.

Bandage dresses/skirts

Love these. They suck everything in. I've been seeing a lot of these in addition to the standard short tube dress. The skirts tend to be high waisted. You can wear them with a flowy top or a tube top or tank with long necklace. These sometimes come in stripes. I think beige and black look great. Use caution with any other combo.

Color blocking

I'm seeing a lot more solid blocks of color rather than print + solid. It's a great way to play with bright colors without being overwhelmingly florescent, since you're breaking up the color with a neutral. You can see some cute color combinations on the models. You probably already have neutral pieces, so you just have pick up a bright top or skirt and mix and match.

Cut out dresses

I didn't think I would love this trend as much as I do, but it's grown on me. You've got a couple of choices when it comes to cut outs. Modest cut outs would appear on the arms (as you can see on the model at the bottom). Daring cutouts appear on the torso. This is where it gets tricky, because you don't want to look like a hooker. You just want to show a sliver of skin. I think Asos did a pretty good job with the placement of their cutouts, so it's not too much skin.

Another option is choosing a dress with mesh over the cut outs. You still want to keep it to a sliver though, because even though there's mesh coverage, it's still see through.

Well, that's it! Have fun clubbing.

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